Friday, April 26, 2024

1:00 PM Meeting Registration Opens (Location: Carneros Ballroom Foyer)

4:30 PM Wine & Cheese Reception (Location: Fountain Courtyard)

5:25 PM Opening Session Remarks (Location: Carneros Ballroom A, B, J, K)
Chrysoula Dosiou & Michael Kazim

How We Got Here: What We Know Now
Moderators: Tomasz Bednarczuk & Victor Elner
5:30 PM Thyroid Autoimmunity and TED: Where Is the Crossover?
Marian Ludgate
5:45 PM Orbital Fibroblast Biology
Terry Smith
6:00 PM Surgical Advances in TED
Timothy Sullivan

The Phases & Stages of TED
Moderators: Kim Cockerham & Ilaria Müller
6:15 PM The Lexicon of TED
Lilly Wagner
6:25 PM Are We Choosing the Best Outcome Metrics
Michael Kazim
6:35 PM Stages and Grading of TED
Peter Dolman
6:45 PM Non-surgical Management and Risk Factor Control: The Ophthalmologist Perspective
Alon Kahana
6:55 PM Mild TED: The Workup and Management: The Endocrinologist Perspective
Mark Lupo
7:05 PM Panel Discussion

7:30 PM Welcome Reception & Dinner (Location: The Vinters’ Room)


Saturday, April 27, 2024

7:00 AM Breakfast & Exhibits (Location: Meritage Salon 1 & 2)

8:00 AM Opening Remarks & Announcements (Location: Carneros Ballroom A, B, J, K)
Andrea Kossler & Marius Stan

TED Year in Review
Moderators: Raymond Cho & Mark Lupo
8:05 AM Clinical Trials
Diego Strianese
8:25 AM TED Pathophysiology
Colin Dayan

Great Debates in TED
Moderators: Peter Dolman & Marian Ludgate
8:45 AM What Is the Role of CAS?
Mario Salvi vs Michael Kazim
9:00 AM The Clinical Value of TSI: To Predict or Not to Predict?
Robert Goldberg vs George Kahaly
9:15 AM Is There a Role for Medical Treatment in the Inactive Phase?
Kim Cockerham vs Victor Elner
9:30 AM Panel Discussion

Surgical Timing & Considerations
Moderators: Lelio Baldeschi & William Katowitz
9:45 AM Strabismus Management and Pearls
Anja Eckstein
9:55 AM Surgical Timing After Teprotumumab
Andrea Kossler
10:05 AM DON Surgical vs Medical Therapy: How I Decide and Why
James Garrity
10:15 AM Panel Discussion

10:35 AM Break, Posters & Exhibits (Location: Meritage Salon 1 & 2)

The Ideal Clinical Trial (Location: Carneros Ballroom A, B, J, K)
Moderators: Alon Kahana & Marius Stan
11:05 AM Clinical Trial Design for Thyroid Eye Disease
Wiley Chambers
11:20 AM Panel Discussion

Navigating Current Treatment Options
Moderators: Natalie Homer & George Kahaly
11:40 AM Immunomodulation of TED: When to Select Steroids vs Other Immunomodulatory Therapies
Mario Salvi
11:50 AM When to Incorporate Orbital Radiation
Peter Dolman
12:00 PM Tocilizumab: An Update on Efficacy
Ilaria Müller
12:10 PM Teprotumumab: A Review of Efficacy
Daniel Rootman
12:20 PM Modification vs Modulation: Are We Changing the Natural History?
Michael Kazim
12:35 PM Panel Discussion

12:50 PM Lunch & Exhibits (Location: West Lawn and Meritage Salon 1 & 2)

Challenges to TED Therapies
Moderators: Andrea Kossler & Mario Salvi
2:00 PM Reactivation, Regression, and Non-Responders: How to Manage
Erin Shriver
2:10 PM Impact of Novel Therapies on Vaccination in the Pandemic Era
Tomasz Bednarczuk
2:20 PM TED Therapy AEs: An Overview
Marius Stan
2:30PM The Otologic Implications of IGF-1R Inhibition
Francis Creighton Jr.
2:40 PM Screening and Monitoring Guidelines
Chrysoula Dosiou
2:50 PM Panel Discussion

Exploring New Therapeutic Targets
Moderators: Colin Dayan & Daniel Rootman
3:05 PM The Spectrum of IGF-1R Antagonists
Cesar Briceno
3:15 PM FcRn Inhibitors
Peter Dolman
3:25 PM Interleukin Inhibitors and Other Therapeutic Targets
Victor Elner
3:35 PM TSHR Antagonists
Prem Subramanian
3:45 PM The Tear Proteome in TED
Andrea Kossler
3:55 PM Exploring New Therapeutic Targets With In Vivo and In Vitro Models
Anja Eckstein
4:05 PM Panel Discussion

4:25 PM Break, Exhibits & Posters (Location: Meritage Salon 1 & 2)

4:55 PM Free Time

7:30 PM Gala Reception & Dinner (Location: Fountain Courtyard and Estate Cave and Cellar)


Sunday, April 28, 2024

7:00 AM Breakfast & Exhibits (Location: Meritage Salon 1 & 2)

7:25 AM Abstract Winners & Awards (Location: Carneros Ballroom A, B, J, K)
Chrysoula Dosiou & Michael Kazim

Innovation in TED
Moderators: Chrysoula Dosiou & Robert Goldberg
7:30 AM AI for TED
Naykky Singh Ospina
7:40 AM The Role of the Microbiome
Marian Ludgate
7:50 AM The Enduring Role for Surgery in TED: What’s to Come?
Lelio Baldeschi
8:00 AM Panel Discussion

8:10 AM Innovate TED Symposium Questionnaire: Summary
Moderators: Andrea Kossler & Marius Stan

8:20 AM Break (Location: Carneros Ballroom Hallway)

Challenges in Clinical Trial Design: Outcome Measures & Endpoints for TED (NON-CE)
Moderators: Michael Kazim & Marius Stan
8:50 AM Pathways to New Drug Development
Galin Spicer

9:05 AM A Roundtable Discussion with the FDA
Panelists: Wiley Chambers, Peter Salzman, CEO; Barrett Katz, CMO; Kave Niksefat VP; Peter Dolman; Mario Salvi

10:00 AM TED Summit Workshop (NON-CE)
Moderators: Chrysoula Dosiou & Andrea Kossler

11:30 AM Closing Remarks
Chrysoula Dosiou, Andrea Kossler, Michael Kazim, Marius Stan

11:35 AM Meeting Adjourns


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